Tigra for Jomsocial 3.2.x

The template framework grew up into a component and allows you to customize your social community entirely to your liking. Almost anything can be customized – positions, width, height, color and styles. Your social community component - like you have never seen it before.

Tigra for Jomsocial 3.2.X has enhanced the Tigra experience and it now takes you further and faster. You can still enjoy all the functionality with an even better, user friendlier drag and drop control panel and so many options for basically everything.

The new Tigra is indeed brand new. It is like that perfectly tailored suit you always wish you had. Tigra is now a component with a brand new admin side and functionality as well as new design solutions for the front. Welcome to JomSocial’s Armani suit.


Slider Welcome Intro

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Tigra comes with different styling - white, dark and transparent. The styles can be set to be uniform but also different features can have different styles not depending on the main Tigra style.

Animated Intro

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Tigra brings you diverse Intro features - Photo Gallery, Sliders and the Animated Intro. The Animated Intro - for a modern community and a visual experience. Built with SVG animation.

Photo Gallery Intro

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A new Intro feature that allows you to customize your welcome page and take ownership of your community. The Photo Gallery allows you to select the photos from your server and set them as Intro images.

Photo Gallery Full Width

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The Photo Gallery Intro has two settings, regular width following the community or full width that follows the frame from left to right giving you more space for your selection of photos.

Animated Intro Dark Style

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Intro elements await you ready for the style you choose- white, dark and transparent.

Animated Intro Transparent Style

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The Animated Intro is set also as an option for the transparent style as are other features.

Slider Collapsed

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The Slider Intro can be set as Collapsed, displaying the log in form under the slider.

Slider Compact

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The Slider Intro can be set as Compact, displaying the log in form on the right of the slider. You can set the width you want.

Profile Cover

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The new Profile Cover is compact and attractive. In one glance you can find everything you need on a user with easy accessible contact links and social bookmarks.

Mini Profile Cover and About Me

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To avoid the About me section opening under the cover , we have moved it to handy sidebar - loaded with the Mini Profile cover.

Custom Design About me

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All new! With Tigra you can custom design your About me profile section creating section titles, designing it as bubble, line or label.

Profile Activity Stream

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The Profile Activity Stream comes with new and original styling adding special avatar display when lining up the activities in the Stream.

Activity Stream

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With Tigra your activity stream seems to have fun even when you are not there. It is organized and yet styled in more than one way so you can have different styles for different streams.

Featured Photos Slider

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Photos from Featured Albums display in a stylized slider which slides on auto-play and can be stopped/moved manually. Check it out, just click on All Photos. Style up with Tigra!

Featured Videos Slider

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Featured All Videos are presented in an enhanced slider set on auto-play but can also be stopped/moved manually. The rest of the community videos are stylishly displayed under the slider.

Members Display

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Members as well as friends are displayed with in information cards displaying their avatars, karma points, latest status, online status and the send a friend request button. Easy to sort through and attractive.

Profile Designer

Backdrop designer
New Version includes awesome Profile Designer for totally personal user experience, where each user can design own backdrop , for personal feel.

Sortable Elements

Tigra makes it easy for users to also re-arrange their layout by simple drag&drop.
Sortable Jomsocial

Element Designer

Why stop there, when you can allow users to also design each of the elements - those you want unaltered, you set in Tigra's backend config.
Element Designer